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a CONVERSATION WITH the legendary
Dolores Huerta
Dolores Huerta
00:00 / 16:46

We had the ultimate honor of interviewing Dolores Huerta, Founder and President of the Dolores Huerta Foundation and co-founder of the United Farm Workers of America. The Dolores Huerta Foundation is devoted to educating, organizing, and advocating for community rights in the Central Valley of California.

Ali Dipp is a Brown-RISD Dual Degree student. In 2022, she will graduate with degrees in Painting at RISD (B.F.A.) and English at Brown (B.A.). This summer, through the generous opportunity allotted by Brown University's Royce Fellowship, Dipp will cultivate this original digital platform

Through contributing to the RISD Museum Guild, teaching in arts education, and founding a community arts organization in her hometown of El Paso, Texas,  Ali Dipp recognizes the parallels between the arts and agency. Spearheading Sunhouse Arts (formerly Youth Collaboration of the Arts) since 2012, Dipp and her younger sister, Celine, have raised over 10,000 dollars for El Paso-Juárez charities and non-profits through five original plays, educational outreach programs, and film festivals ( 

As an extension to her long-standing investment in creativity’s visionary capacities, the                                       presents a platform for El Paso-Juárez to self-represent. In The Work Project, organizations, museums, researchers, and artists from across the Southwest will examine representations of the borderland pictured in museums, murals, and literature. In emphasizing a region’s legacy of labor, the

investigates former and formal presentations of ‘progress.’ Emphasizing how a region sees change, a community (re)envisions a future.

Lessons on leadership

Lessons on Leadership

Across Activism and Entrepreneurship 

A Panel Discussion with Wise Latina International's 
LEAD InitiativeWise Latina International
00:00 / 35:32

An Executive Leadership Program for Latinas to enhance their leadership skills and abilities, by providing them the tools necessary to transform their communities through social justice, equity, empowerment, and education.*

With honored speakers OF L.E.A.D. Initiative Leadership Team

Areli Chacón Silva, Ph.D.

Guillermina Gina Núñez-Mchiri, Ph.D

Liz Chavez 
Elvira Valles 


*L.E.A.D. Initiative decription sourced from Chavira, Luis Garnica. “LEAD Initiative .” L.E.A.D Program,

Elected officials
Elected officials
A conversation about jUSTICE with 
Senator RodrÍguez
(Texas Senator for District 29)
Senator Rodriguez
00:00 / 12:24
A conversation about Texas with 
(Former U.S. Congressman)
Beto O’Rourke
00:00 / 11:09
A conversation about Youth and Texas Politics with
Mike floyd
(Youngest Elected Official in Texas History)
Mike Floyd
00:00 / 09:34
trail blazers
Trail Blazers
A conversation on ethical empowerment with 
(Leader of the El Paso Women’s Conference)
Cristina Bringas
00:00 / 11:57
A conversation on the future of justice with 
Veronica cARBAJAL
(Labor Rights Lawyer)
Veronica Carbajal
00:00 / 09:47
A conversation on education and advocacy with
mary carter
(Director of Women's Intercultural Center)
Mary Carter
00:00 / 08:57
A conversation on faith in the Southwest
father ron Gonzales
(Pastor at Sacred Heart Church from 2013 to 2019)
Father Ron
00:00 / 10:51
A conversation on arts, ethics, and business with
marina Monsivais
(Host of KTEP's State of the Arts and Owner of Barracuda PR)
Marina Monsisvais
00:00 / 10:00
A conversation on methods, and pedagogy with 
dr. Fernanda Wagstaff
(Robert E. and Jacqueline Skov Professorship in Business Ethics at UTEP) 
Fernanda Wagstaff
00:00 / 10:22

Young Leaders

Young Leaders

A conversation about the future of the border
Rodrigo estrada
(Native El Pasoan and Long-Time Volunteer at the Red Cross)
Rodrigo Estrada
00:00 / 10:00
A conversation about activism
(Native El Pasoan and Long-Time Political Advocate)
Diego Reyes
00:00 / 09:54

activism toward a future

activism toward a future

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