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Jorge Palacios

San Antonio, TX

Glass, Digital Media, Writing, Image-Making

My work investigates the relations between land, displacement, ghosts/hauntings, embodied memory and decolonization through the lens of science fiction and technology. Within these intersections, I speculate about utopian/dystopian futures, interrogate mainstream science’s shortcomings and highlight traditional ways of knowing such as indigenous knowledge and land-based cosmologies.

How does the region influence your art?

South Texas and San Antonio deeply influence the aesthetic choices and conceptual themes in my work. I am drawn to displacement and land because of my lived experience being raised by first generation immigrants in a place where I feel both foreign and at home. San Antonio has first, second, third, fourth generations of Mexican American, latinx and indigenous folx along with those whose histories still lie in this very land. Race relations and histories are intermixed, complex and form a unique American experience that I came to know. I feel grateful to grow up in a culturally rich place that has been the foundation for my tolerance of ambiguity and artistic inspiration, and I hope to make more works exploring the entanglements I find here.

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