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The Border Theatre

El Paso, TX

The Border Theatre's Mission is: To initiate an inspiring interaction between performing artists and the community by producing and promoting original, cutting edge plays, with an emphasis on developing world premiere works that explore the human experience, and implement new ways to use the artistry of theatre to serve and educate the people of our unique border culture.

Essentially our efforts center not just on creating original works, but on developing the artists who will develop original work. This is done through community outreach programs, workshops, acting labs, and writers rooms. In order to contribute to a sustainable performance community in the border region, We at The Border Theatre endeavor not on a season by season basis, but rather on creating creatives who will leave from under the BT umbrella and develop their own works both here in El Paso and abroad.

How does the region influence your art?

The El Paso-Juarez-Las Cruces region influences our creativity due to the beautifully diverse cultures that exist here along the United States-Mexico border. We have desired to avoid genre classification and instead focus on the process of creation rather than any political or social commentary. As a result our work reflects not just the demographics of our region but also the creativity of the crossbreeding of these cultures. Performing various arts in various non-traditional environments ensures that our work will always be unique to us.

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